Awards, the why.

It is one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences to create a piece of photographic art and place it in front of a panel of photography judges for them to score your image based on their individual knowledge and experience. I often get asked, why do I do it?  Why do I put […]

Photography Competition Q&A with Elizabeth Reeves

Read on to learn about how Elizabeth Reeves’ journey into the awards realm has allowed her to grow and develop as an artist, how through resilience and perspective you can have your biggest lessons, and how it is courage that allows you to grow in the end. How many years have you been entering photography […]

Gold at the International Annual WPPI Awards

As you may already know, The WPPI Awards are one of the biggest and my personal favourite of all the print awards. Having been involved in judging, competitions and the overall attendance for the last 7 years running – it truly is the biggest in the world for wedding, family and newborn photographers. And it gets bigger […]

Photography Competition Q&A with Julia Kelleher

Immerse yourself in the awards world of Julia Kelleher. Her work is enthralling and intrinsic.  It makes me want to pick up my camera and create something out of this world.  Read on to hear how she approaches award entries, how she shoots for 100s and what amazing things entering awards has done for her […]