From a desire to document beautiful moments 15 years ago, Kelly Brown has captured peoples imagination with her portrait photography work.


Kelly is very proud to have been asked to represent Canon as an Ambassador in Australia as well as a Canon Master in America.

Teacher & Mentor

There is so much reward in teaching. As a passionate photographer and teacher I love to travel the world inspiring and speaking to other photographers.


Act on your passion. When you find what you really love then your passion and drive to succeed comes from a place of enjoyment.


Our mission at Kelly Brown is to constantly strive to be the best, every day in what we do. We are committed to creating the best educational material for creative photographers and to the empowerment of the photography industry itself, helping other photographers achieve their dreams.  We aim to innovate in our technology, platforms and offerings and ensure our customers’ experience is memorable and inspiring.

Global Community

Our global community began in 2015 and was created as a way for attendees to discuss Kelly’s Workshops and the teachings that photographers had learned and wanted to share. Now in 2018, this online community has grown to over 19,000 members and is one of the largest newborn photography communities on facebook. The group is moderated by photography professionals and the encouragement and support that is given here on a daily basis has helped so many photographers grow the confidence they need to grow their business and skillsets.

The Team

Garrett Hollis

Garrett Hollis

Digital Producer

Michelle Kenna

Michelle Kenna

Design & Production